Phyllis Ndunge Makau

Phyllis Ndunge Makau.jpg

Regional Adviser
Public Financial Management

Phyllis Ndunge Makau is a public finance expert with over 35 years of experience in public sector budgeting, expenditure control and monitoring. She has vast experience in economic policy analysis and research, strategic planning & management, public investment program appraisal, project development, cash management, fiscal reporting, monitoring and evaluation, budget oversight and public expenditure scrutiny by legislature and financial legislation. from 2012 – 2022, she served as a director of the Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya, a legislative technical unit that advises legislators on budget and matters economy, created from a small unit in 2007 to a fully pledged directorate recognized not only in Kenya but world-wide for its independence in analysis and advisory functions. She has worked as a short-term expert with the IMF for several countries within Africa. She holds a Master of Arts in Economics, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Investment Appraisal and Management, Financial Policy and Economic Development, and several other qualifications on public finance, strategic planning and leadership and mentorship. Her published works include: The Parliamentary Budget Oversight in Kenya, “Analysis of the Framework and Practice since 1963 to 2007: Understanding Economic Reforms (Kenya) published in the book “A Tale of Seven Nations 2006"; among others.