About Us

The Regional Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) in West Africa (AFRITAC West 2 – AFW 2) is a collaborative effort between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and several bilateral and multilateral partners aimed at providing technical advice in core macroeconomic and financial management areas and provides Technical Assistance (TA) and training to Cabo Verde, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. 

The main focus of AFW2 is to provide TA support in West African countries that are not covered by AFW. With this Regional Center located in Accra on the 4th Floor of the World Bank Group Building AFW2 is governed by a Steering Committee (SC) composed of representatives of AFW2 countries and development partners. The Committee approves the workplan and priorities for the coming period.

Staffing of AFW2 is a composition of member countries’ TA needs. The size and composition of the team of resident experts is tailored to those needs and priorities of participating countries. Currently, the center is providing TA in the following areas: Revenue Administration and Taxation, Public Financial Management, Macroeconomic Statistics, Monetary Operations and Payments System and Banking Supervision. The Center currently has seven resident advisors. The activities undertaken by the center follow a detailed workplan, which is revised and approved by the Steering Committee. While it provides the general guidelines for the center’s work, the plan is applied flexibly and could change according to emerging needs and requests. The center is financed by the IMF, multilateral and bilateral donors

Our Staff

User-added image Oral H. Williams Center Coordinator
User-added image Vitus C. Ukwuoma Regional Advisor Financial Supervision
User-added image Zsolt Ersek Regional Advisor Monetary Operations and Payments System
User-added image Henry Gaperi Regional Advisor Revenue Administration (Tax)
User-added image Elirjeta Pepaj Regional Advisor Statistics
User-added image David M. Smith Regional Advisor Revenue Administration (Customs)
User-added image Naresh Jha Regional Adviser Public Financial Management
User-added image Kubai Khasiani Regional Adviser Public Financial Management
User-added image Elorm Darkey Project Officer Results-Based Management
User-added image Pokuaa Adu Local Economist Special Project Officer
User-added image Janice Norman Office Manager
Selase Kofi Dusi Administrative Assistant IT Officer
Maria Adam Maria Adam Administrative Assistant
User-added image Deborah Morrison Staff Assistant