September 2018 Newsletter


Highlights: AFW2’s recent missions, regional workshops and professional attachments; the Center’s outreach within the region; and results-based management (RBM) and progress on milestones at AFW2.

June 2018 Newsletter


Highlights: AFW2’s recent missions, regional workshops and professional attachments; visit to the AFW2 Centre by students of Texas A&M University; upcoming AFW2 TA missions and workshops

March 2018 Newsletter

Highlights: AFW2’s 6th Steering Committee Meeting in Abuja, IMF Deputy Managing Director’s visit to the Center, AFW2’s TA activities, outreach and AFW2 staff announcement.

IMF/AFW2 Work on Statistics

Accurate and timely data provide policy makers with a better understanding of economic developments and allow them to design better policies.
This pamphlet tells you more about how IMF/AFRITAC West 2 is helping countries to improve real sector statistics.

Vacancy Notice: Economist/Special Projects Officer

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is seeking for its Regional Technical Assistance Center in Accra:
The Economist/Special Projects Officer

December 2017 Newsletter


Highlights: AFW2 TA Missions, AFW2 Workshops, IMF CD Centers Retreat, Upcoming TA Missions, Staff Changes.

August 2017 Newsletter


Highlights: Recent TA Missions & Workshops, Upcoming TA Missions & Workshops and Staff Changes.

April 2017 Newsletter


Highlights: 5th Steering Committee Meeting in Cabo Verde; AFW2 TA Missions/Workshops; AFW2 Professional Attachments;
Staff Volunteer Outreach

December 2016 Newsletter


Highlights: Outreach Mission to Cabo Verde; AFW2 Workshops; Free online course for government officials.

August 2016 Newsletter


Highlights: IMF Conference on Managing Tax Administration Reforms; AFW2 Regional Workshops; AFW2 Launches a Facebook page; AFW2 New Staff

April 2016 Newsletter


Highlights: The Fourth Steering Committee Meeting for AFRITAC West 2; IMF-DFID High-level Conference on Enhanced Data for Better Macro Policies; AFW2 Regional Workshops

December 2015 Newsletter


Highlights: The Third AFRITAC West 2 (AFW2) Steering Committee Meeting; AFW2 welcomes Mr. Singh and bids farewell to Mr. Lepain.

September 2015 Newsletter


Highlights: Outreach missions to Sierra Leone and Nigera; Peer-to-Peer Seminar on Program Based Budgeting for Nigeria and Ghana; RTACs retreat in Washington D.C.; FREE online courses

April 2015 Newsletter


Highlights: The Second AFRITAC West 2 (AFW2) Steering Committee (SC) meeting; Regional Workshop on Customs Risk Management; FREE online course on debt sustainability (May 4 –July 24, 2015).