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AFW2 Annual Report FY 2018


AFRITAC West 2 (AFW2) made significant strides in the Center’s capacity development (CD) work, evidenced by the volume of technical assistance missions, workshops, professional attachments and observed outcomes in its five work streams.

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AFW2 Annual Report FY 2017


AFRITAC West 2 (AFW2) at half way through its program cycle: AFW2 has gained significant ground in delivering on its mandate. This is evidenced by the positive outcomes in the Center’s capacity development (CD) work in its member countries, including on a number of ongoing projects that hold considerable promise.

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AFW2 Annual Report FY 2016


After a heavily disrupted first year in FY 2015, AFRITAC West 2 (AFW2’s) operations normalized in FY 2016 and the Center marked its two-year anniversary in March 2016.

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AFW2 Mid Year Report FY 2016


The macroeconomic challenges facing the sub-region continue to define the nature of AFW2’s capacity development (CD) work program for its member countries. The countries are facing significant fiscal challenges against the backdrop of falling revenues (especially for commodity producers), sluggish global growth and export demand as well as widening fiscal gaps.

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AFW2 Annual Report FY 2015


AFRITAC West 2 (AFW2) has just celebrated its first year of operations and what a year it has been. Just when the Center was finding its feet on the ground, the region was hit by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which severely affected the Center’s operations in two of our member countries. Despite these challenges, progress has been made in the implementation of capacity building projects; and on setting up the basics including through increased funding from donors and the commitment of the Center’s stakeholders to the goals of the Center.

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